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Run For The Children - Run to Summer Fun



"Bud's Acts of Random Kindness"
The BARK Project was started in memory of our son Jay "Bud" McClure August 3, 1993 ~ October 3, 2010

   When Bud was around 12 years old, a good friend was diagnosed with leukemia and needed to go to St. Jude for treatment.  Bud asked his dad and myself if we would take the money we were going to spend on him for Christmas and donate it to St. Jude instead.  When asked why he would do that, his reply was that we gave him everything he wanted all year long. He gave so unselfishly, that is something so many of us struggle with.                                                                        

 You can't BARK sitting down!  Get up!  DO SOMETHING 

 SHOW others you CARE through acts of random kindness!  

 SMILE at your neighbor, SAY thank you  & I love you ,  HUG them.  BE THANKFUL you are alive and can SHARE the day with the ones you love and know,



HELP a neighbor take out their trash, OPEN doors for others, OFFER assistance to someone if you can!

A special thanks to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and all that they do.  Bud's childhood friend was at his memorial service and we are happy to say is cancer free thanks to St. Jude.  We will continue to support St Jude in their endeavors to find cures and assist families to pay for treatments and HOPE.

                           ~ B.A.R.K. In Action ~                                  

 Campaign in the Elementary Schools about Kindness Awareness to prevent Bullying 

Suicide Prevention Education in Jr. High through High Schools

Support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Serve Needs in our Community